About the Dorn Method Therapists Association

The Dorn Method Therapists Association was formed in November 2010 to create a national membership organisation for Dorn Method Therapists. It was founded by Brigitte Nath who is a leading Authorised Dorn Method Instructor actively promoting and working towards a greater recognition and understanding of The Dorn Method in the UK. Working together with Brigitte is Thomas Zudrell who is the Vice Chairman of Dorn International and acts as advisory member.

There is an increasing number of Dorn Method Therapists in the UK and to give the public confidence they will receive safe and quality Dorn Method therapy, the DMTA was formed to provide a set of minimum standards for its members to agree to. By adding the DMTA logo to their credentials, members will be able to show their clients that they have gained approval from an Authorised Dorn Method Instructor and have also gained practical experience. The DMTA also strives to promote The Dorn Method on behalf of its members to increase awareness and public perception.

The DMTA is run as a not-for-profit organisation which means quite simply that revenue from membership and other income generating DMTA activities will be re-invested into fulfilling its misson.

The DMTA has laid out a Code of Ethics and Practice Agreement along with defining a set of minimum standards for members to agree to.

The Mission of the DMTA is to:

  • Raise standards of Dorn Method therapy in the UK with regards to public safety
  • Maintain a Common Code of Ethics and Practice for its members
  • Encourage a set of minimum standards for members so their clients can feel confident in receiving a professional service with quality and safe Dorn Method therapy
  • Promote, educate about and create more awareness of The Dorn Method and the profession in the UK on behalf of its members
  • Provide and promote a Dorn Method Therapists Directory to help members increase their client base
  • Supply members with Dorn Method related products, educational materials and other resources

Disclaimer: The DMTA does not guarantee the effectiveness of Dorn Method treatment in any individual case nor does it accept any liability whatsoever for DMTA Members or Authorised Dorn Method Instructors whether or not failing to conform to the DMTA Practice Agreement and Code of Ethics & Conduct