Dorn Method Self Help Exercises


One of The Dorn Method's aims is to show people how they can look after themselves over the long term through a range of self-help exercises. The role of the Therapist is to first identify any underlying problems and to set in process a mechanism designed to help the body help itself using manual dorn therapy. The role of the Therapist then turns to that of education, promoting good posture and teaching a series of self-help exercises in order that clients are able to continue doing for themselves what the Therapist started.

dorn method self help exercises

The misalignment of the spine or pelvis area if not corrected could over time lead to health problems. If a person is very mobile, fit and active, very often problems won't occur or show themselves as the body will keep making adjustments to the body structure (through mobility and exercise) and therefore is more or less self-correcting. However for many people, especially those who are less mobile e.g. those sat in front of a computer all day long, any misalignments in the body structure will often end up manifesting as some sort of health problem.

dorn method self help hip exercise

Standing Hip Exercise


After treatment, experience has shown that the body normally takes anything from 6 to 8 weeks or more to adjust to a new state initiated by the Dorn Therapist. This means for example, that if any spinal misalignments were found and corrected by the Therapist, then Dorn self-help exercises/further therapy should be continued for at least that time span for the new state to become the norm. The body simply takes time to adjust, and a little Dorn each day encourages the body to adjust to this new state - continuing with self help exercises will help keep the body balanced and joints healthier over the longer term.

dorn method self help Jaw exercise

Jaw Exercise


The Dorn Method therefore teaches of a set of simple self help exercises which can be performed easily in a few minutes a day from any location, at home or even at work. These exercises are meant to help continue what the Therapist began during initial treatment, helping to provide longer term health benefits and also an awareness of the importance of keeping the body in balance to avoid all manner of health problems from occuring.

dorn method self help Neck exercise

Neck Exercise

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