Dorn Method Practitioner Supplies

On this page you can order some essential products for use in your Dorn Method practice. You can order directly from this website below, and make your payment securely using Paypal (who also take credit and debit cards).

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A2 Size Dorn Method Spinal Misalignments Connections Poster

Spinal Therapy Dorn Poster


This is a large, clear and colourful A2 sized poster showing the spine with all the vertebrae clearly labelled along with short descriptions for each.

The poster lists each vertebrae together with possible physical and emotional problems according to current theory. It's a wonderful poster which looks fantastic in any Dorn Therapists clinic helping to educate.

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Price: £10.00 each
DMTA Member price: £9.00
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Dorn Method Information Handout Leaflets

Dorn Method Leaflets

Dorn Method Leaflets Pile You can use these leaflets to provide your Clients with an introduction to The Dorn Method and to show its benefits, they also help to create awareness. People do like to read up on the treatment they're receiving and also like something to take away with them.

They're printed in full colour on quality paper, A4 sized and folded twice so they're easy to pop into a hand-bag or pocket. Each leaflet has space for you to add your own name and contact details, either using a sticker or simply hand written. The leaflet explains what the Dorn Method is, how and why the Dorn Method is so effective, and also what the client can expect during treatment. The leaflet also lists important benefits and contains a chart showing the Spinal Physical Connections (taken from the A2 poster above).

Price: £7.00 per pack of 50
DMTA Member price: £6.30
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Dorn Method Self Help Exercise Leaflets

Dorn Method Self Help Exercises


The Dorn Method teaches a series of self-help exercises designed to look after the body over the long term.

These great looking A4 sized leaflets have been designed as a hand-out to clients after their therapy. Printed in full colour on both sides, the leaflet outlines 12 of the most common self-help exercises which should be carried out on a daily basis. Each colour photograph includes instruction on carrying out the exercise. Also included is a space for a Dorn Therapist to include their own details, such as an address sticker or stamp.

Price: £7.00 per pack of 50
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Silk Paper for use with the Breuss Massage


Breuss Massage Silk Paper
Silk Paper is used in the Breuss Massage, helping to soak up the St. John's Wort oil after each massage.

It is perfect for a Breuss Massage being chlorine free, and the size per sheet is 25cm x 75cm. Each roll comes with 25 sheets which works out at only 24p per sheet.

Price: £6.00 per roll of 25 sheets


Large Dorn Method Pull-up Display Stand

Dorn Method Pull-up


This is a large pull-up display stand perfectly suited for use at exhibitions, talks or in your Practice waiting room and helps to put over that professional image.

This quality light weight aluminium base pull-up comes supplied with its own carry case to make storage and transport safe and easy. The DMTA website address is printed at the bottom so your clients can discover more about The Dorn Method.

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Price: £149.00 each
DMTA Member price: £134.10
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Disclaimer: The DMTA does not guarantee the effectiveness of Dorn Method treatment in any individual case nor does it accept any liability whatsoever for DMTA Members or Authorised Dorn Method Instructors whether or not failing to conform to the DMTA Practice Agreement and Code of Ethics & Conduct