DMTA Membership Benefits

Joining the Dorn Method Therapists Association

The DMTA is a not-for-profit organisation which means all income from membership and its activities is re-invested directly back into working on behalf of our members promoting the Dorn Method nationwide.

The cost of membership is only £45 per year, which you should recoup back in benefits. For example, one new client as a result of your directory listing would easily cover the annual registration fee. We are always getting enquiries for local Dorn Method Therapists so there is no better way to advertise your Dorn practice. By joining the DMTA you will not only be supporting the growth and awareness of Dorn in the UK, but your entry into the Dorn Method Therapists Directory should also help grow your client base too.


By joining the DMTA, your membership Benefits include:


Use of the DMTA logo and Postnominals as a mark of your Professionalism and Standard of Service

Credibility and trust is key to a successful therapy business. By adding the DMTA logo to your credentials, you are letting your clients know that you have undergone a minimum level of training and practical experience, have gained approval from an Authorised Dorn Method Instructor to practise Dorn and are abiding by a code of conduct and ethics. Members of the DMTA shall also be entitled to use the postnominals "MDMTA".

This will help give your clients the confidence and trust in you that they will receive safe and quality Dorn Method therapy, helping you to grow your client base and therapy practice.


A listing in the UK Dorn Method Therapist Directory to help bring you more clients

We receive enquiries all the time for local Dorn Method therapists, so an entry in the DMTA directory will no doubt be beneficial in helping to grow your client base. The Directory includes a profile page for you to show your practice details, a contact form which directs enquiries straight to your email inbox and importantly Google mapping with driving directions.


10% Discounts on Supplies purchases

Members receive 10% off Dorn Method supplies such as Dorn Method handout leaflets, massage oils and other products at the DMTA supplies page. Over the coming months we will be adding more and more Dorn related products to help you grow your practice and provide a better service.



Promoting The Dorn Method on your behalf

An important part of DMTA's mission is to promote The Dorn Method to create more awareness of its benefits to the public, and show the public where they can find their local Dorn Method Therapist. The DMTA works continuously on promotional activities such as publishing articles for print and web media, marketing using advertisements and holding talks. Part of the DMTA's work is also to develop strategic alliances which will help to develop, foster and promote The Dorn Method in the UK. This also includes working together with bodies such as the new Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council which is an important goal.


Resources to help grow your Practice

As a Dorn Method Therapist you'll want to promote your Practice. As a DMTA member you'll have access to text and image content you can use for both web and print. For example, if you wish to add a Dorn Method section to your website, then we'll provide you with the text you need and images so you don't have to spend lots of time being creative. If there's something specific you need which you can't find in our member resources section, then you can also let us know and we'll try to help you.


Improved Google Ranking for your website

If you have a practice website, your entry in the DMTA Directory can help with your Google, Bing and other search engine rankings, pushing up your practice website in their listings. This is because search engines like Google count and give value to the number of links coming into your website from outside sources and use this information in their ranking mechanism.


Register now

If you are a Dorn Method Therapist we would like to welcome you as a member of the Dorn Method Therapists Association. Registration is relatively esay only involving a few forms along with sending us proof of your credentials.

Disclaimer: The DMTA does not guarantee the effectiveness of Dorn Method treatment in any individual case nor does it accept any liability whatsoever for DMTA Members or Authorised Dorn Method Instructors whether or not failing to conform to the DMTA Practice Agreement and Code of Ethics & Conduct