Teaching The Dorn Method

Why teach Dorn?

The Dorn Method is too good to keep quiet and we want to see as many people finding help from this wonderful therapy as possible. Teaching Dorn is an excellent occupation that can be very rewarding, both professionally and personally. In these respects we fully encourage Dorn Method therapists to go on to become Authorised Instructors, and we will promote their courses online at this website.


Dorn Method Regulation

The Dorn Method's originater Mr. Dieter Dorn wishes this therapy to be available to all with minimum restriction. Whilst the concept of Dorn being available to all is good in principle, from the perspective of public safety there should at least be a set of minimum standards laid down before one can go off treating people professionally or teaching Dorn.

In Germany today there does in fact exist a framework that has been established to provide this minimum level of standard, particularly applicable to Dorn Method training. The DMTA also adopts this same minimum criteria applicable for teaching Dorn.


Becoming an Authorised Dorn Instructor

In order to become an Authorised Dorn Method Instructor, one must gain approval from either Mr. Dieter Dorn himself, or from a previously authorised Dorn Method Instructor coming from 'under' Dieter Dorn. Approval is usually given after the following criteria have been met.

The applicant who wishes to become an Authorised Instructor:

  • must have been trained by an authorised Dorn Method Instructor
  • have attended the initial and advanced training courses plus refresher/practise days with relevant case studies
  • must have at least 2 years experience practising as a Dorn Method Therapist
  • can show experience of having treated at least 150 clients
  • have attended a Dorn Method Instructor course


If you would like to contact an Authorised Instructor for more information, please visit the Dorn Method Training page where you will find contact information from Authorised Instructors.


Registering with the DMTA

Authorised Dorn Method Instructors registered with the DMTA can for a reasonable annual fee advertise their courses online at this website, and on course approval also add the DMTA logo to all of their training material. The DMTA encourages Dorn Method therapists to become Instructors and will offer help and support where possible to promote their training.

Disclaimer: The DMTA does not guarantee the effectiveness of Dorn Method treatment in any individual case nor does it accept any liability whatsoever for DMTA Members or Authorised Dorn Method Instructors whether or not failing to conform to the DMTA Practice Agreement and Code of Ethics & Conduct